About us


This mas used to be a market gardening farm, owned and run by Paulette and Marcel, François’ grandparents. We were keen to preserve this family heritage and bear witness to the mas’ former life, while remaining true to our idea of modern-day quality.

We’ve devoted ten years of painstaking work to giving this building a second life, and to make “Au coin des figuiers” a welcoming, exceptional location for all those seeking calm and rest. And it’s our great pleasure to be able to receive you in this wonderful venue full of authentic Provençal charm.

Our desire to host you here stems from a philosophy which seeks to restore harmony between modern life and nature. That’s why we’ve restored our organic market garden and tended our orchard so that you can enjoy the fruits of our labours in the form of natural, fresh juice or jam for breakfast.

We’re just adhering to some simple principles: nurture the natural environment and respect its seasons.

We have numerous and varied interests: decoration (Aude’s passion), art in many forms such as photography, painting, theatre and cinema. We’re also passionate about voyages of discovery, bike rides, hiking and running.

But outside of these leisure pursuits, the main focus of our attention is you! We’re always trying our hardest to make you feel more at home and to meet your every need.

Our greatest pleasure comes from seeing our guests happy, enjoying the peace and tranquillity of their surroundings under the clear, Provençal sky.

And if you come back again then we’ll know we’ve done a good job!